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Excel Firebloq

Temporary Fire Rated Hoarding System

Excel Superloq

Free standing Temporary Internal Hoarding

Heavy Duty Fire-Rated Hoardings

Excel Hoardings specialise in the construction of temporary fire hoardings systems.

Our Systems are heavy duty fire-rated and ensure that the temporary fire hoardings that we supply are up to industry standards.

Temporary Fire Hoardings

Our Hoardings provide a smooth surface ideally suited for vinyl graphics or a nice white finish with minimal graphics if needed.

Our trained technicians are skilled at working in many environments including, but not limited to shopping centres, supermarkets, offices, labs, hospitals and airports.

Bespoke Hoardings

Whatever your requirements we can provide you a quality and expertly fitted system with knowledgeable advice always on hand.

So if you would like to call us to discuss your temporary fire hoarding or a cladding project, we will be happy to take your call and work with you on your project.


Our Works

Temporary Fire Hoardings - Excel Hoardings

A sample of our hoardings showing a smooth white surface and vinyl graphic areas.


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