Temporary Fire Hoardings

The Temporary fire hoardings that we supply are between 100mm and 300mm in thickness, giving maximum fire protection for your temporary or semi-permanent partition wall.
Our panels can easily span heights in excess of 12 meters and each panel is 1.2m in width. Each of the panels are made from fire-rated PIR or mineral fibre. The mineral fibre panel has the higher fire rating of the two with up to two hours whereas the PIR panels provide from a half hour to one hour of fire protection.

In addition, the panels provide excellent noise reduction and provide a solid temporary wall structure for any environment.

FIRE RESISTANT - all components conform to appropriate British Standards.
STABLE - an independent test authority verifies the structural stability of our panels.
SEMI-PERMANENT - suitable for longer term installations.
HIGH STRENGTH - the high density composite structure of the panels makes them extremely strong and durable
TECHNICAL DATA - for details of materials and components
Smooth and maintenance free finish, making and customer graphic applications easy