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Excel Superloq

Excel Superloq

This is our 2.4m high, freestanding super lightweight class 1 surface spread of flame hoarding panel
For anywhere our other heavier duty systems are not compatible but site / public separation is still required

Simple, click together freestanding system

Hire or buy this now, drop us an email or a phone call to discuss your requirements at a price that wont break your budget

· RAPID INSTALLATION - the interlinking panels are easy to assemble
· STABLE & SAFE - self-supporting with strong fabricated steel supports
· RE-LOCATABLE - can be re-sited quickly, ideal for phased projects
· RE-USABLE - no damage means you can use again and cut costs
· ATTRACTIVE FINISH - smooth surface maintains a professional brand identity
· HYGIENIC - wipe clean panels are ideal for food areas/restaurants/hospitals
· FLEXIBLE MODULAR SYSTEM - perfect corners, integral doors, recesses.
· ROBUST - high impact resistance, yet light to handle
· BUY OR LEASE OPTION - why buy if your need is temporary?
· SAFETY - we supply full risk assessment method statements for  our installations
· 100% RECYCLABLE - panels can be 100% recycled at the end of their usable life
· COST-EFFECTIVE - several re-uses lower lifetime costs
EASY TO TRANSPORT - lightweight panels fit into a van or pick-up truck, reducing environmental damage.

A range of matching doors and trims are available to hire or buy to give your project a eye pleasing touch


Unit 15-16, Branxholme Ind Est, Bailiff Bridge,
           Brighouse, HD6 4EA

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