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Excel FireBloq

Excel FireBloq

FIREBLOQ is the 'heavyweight' of our systems, with each panel manufactured from 100mm thick to 300mm thick, giving you a 1hr to 4hr fire stop barrier.

Firebloq panels are capable of free spanning heights in excess of 12 metres. Each panel is 1.2m wide in a tongue and groove system making a virtually seamless wall that could span hundreds of metres

Firebloq panels are made from fire-rated PIR (polyisocyanurate) or Mineral Fibre (Rockwool) The standard 100mm thick Rockwool panel has a higher fire rating of 1 hour rising to 4 hours with a thicker core. The Mineral fibre panel is also an excellent sound suppresser and creates a strong temporary wall in any environment. It is proven in railway stations, industrial units, retail parks, supermarkets and airports.

The PIR (polyisocyanurate) gives you a 30min fire barrier and is made up of the same outer coating of .7mm steel faces, creating a fantastic barrier in a lighter weight format

· FIRE RESISTANT - all components conform to appropriate British Standards.
· STABLE - an independent test authority verifies the structural stability of our panels.
· SEMI-PERMANENT - suitable for longer term installations.
· HIGH STRENGTH - the high density composite structure of the panels makes them extremely strong and durable
· FLEXIBLE - we can tailor the design and fire rating of your hoarding  
· TECHNICAL DATA - for details of materials and  components
· Smooth and maintenance free finish, making and customer graphic applications easy


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